The Owyhee River Journals

Bonnie J. Olin

Photography by Mike Quigley

“I believe that almost any extended river or hiking trip offers a person the opportunity to reconnect with nature, and that is a good thing. But a trip into the Owyhee still allows you to feel like you are the first and only person to have set foot there. It is here that it is still possible to ‘unplug’ completely from the modern world…. The Owyhee will test you, remind you of your vulnerability, and take your breath away with it’s great beauty. And in the tranquility of The Big Quiet, you just may find your true self.”  — Bonnie Olin for the Northwest Whitewater Association – Spokane Chapter

Mission Statement

To increase public awareness of the Owyhee and garner support for its protection through story telling and educational presentations that marry images with accurate information. 

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